Air Center of Nevada Wants You to Consider The Unseen Costs When Buying an Air Compressor

Planning on buying a rotary screw compressor for your shop? Not so fast. Although the convenience of constant air supply sounds appealing, don’t rule out traditional reciprocating piston compressors as an option. Be sure to consider all the upfront and long-term costs before choosing between the two types. And be sure to give Air Center of Nevada a call with any questions!

Piston compressors have a much simpler design than rotary compressors and, as a result, have a much lower purchase price. The additional components of rotary compressors, such as liquid cooling systems and air/oil separators, add a lot to the cost.

One advantage of piston compressors is that they only use electricity when they’re compressing air. On the contrary, rotary compressors are designed to run continuously, even when they’re not compressing air. Granted, some rotary compressors automatically go into standby mode after idling for five or 10 minutes; nonetheless, that’s still five or 10 minutes of wasted energy, which can significantly impact the electric bill. Read More