Air Center of Nevada Maintains and Services Most Air Compressors!

Few pieces of shop equipment are used as regularly as air compressors. However, when is the last time you performed any type of maintenance on this vital piece of equipment? If your answer isn’t “within the past 24 hours,” take a moment and think about what life would be like without the compressor to power your shop tools. Air Center of Nevada would be happy to examine your compressor.

Shop efficiency would drop dramatically if technicians had to rely on using a tire iron to remove lug nuts. Does your shop even have a tire iron tucked away in the back room? Either way, it’s time to set up a schedule for performing daily maintenance.

In order to ensure that your air compressor continues to run smoothly day after day, technicians need to know how to properly maintain this vital piece of equipment. When an air compressor is initially brought into the shop, it should be placed in a clean, well-ventilated area. Some service facilities will even place their compressor in a (clean, well-ventilated) room that’s apart from the general shop area. This special room may also include an external intake for clean air for the compressor. Read More