Chicago Pneumatic: CP Filters

Full Filter Range

Allowing unclean or contaminated compressed air to enter your air network holds several risks. In almost all applications, this can cause a considerable decrease in performance as well as an increase in maintenance costs both related to actual repairs as well as a loss in productivity. Chicago Pneumatic’s innovative filters are engineered to cost-effectively provide the best air quality and meet today’s ever increasing quality demands. They are fully developed and tested according to ISO standards.

Chicago Pneumatic: CPAD Desiccant Dryer

Absolutely Dry Air

Saturated compressed air enters the dryer and passes over the desiccant, where moisture in the air is adsorbed onto the desiccant beads providing dew points of at least -40˚F. Chicago Pneumatic uses large diameter activated alumina at the bottom of the desiccant bed as an active bed support, thus improving the regeneration process.

Chicago Pneumatic: CPX Refrigerated Dryers & CPXHT High Temp Dryers

The CPX Refrigerated Air Dryers For All Applications

Sized to handle 12 to 2966 cfm, the CPX dryers fit any application. Extremely quiet and reliable, CPX dryers deliver dry air with minimal pressure drop. These dryers are machines designed for treating compressed air. By using the refrigerant characteristics of certain fluid, these dryers lower the temperature of the compressed air, causing water vapor to condense and discharge prior to it entering any distribution system.

Chicago Pneumatic: CPG

Superior Compressed Air Solution For Demanding Industries

Maximize your productivity with an optimum compressed air solution provided by the CPG series of compressors. Built-in cooling provides improved performance, reliable transmission for energy savings and an advanced monitoring system ensure you get the most from your compressed air system! The CPG series provides minimum operating cost, easy installation and simplified maintenance.