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Air Compressor Service and Maintenance

Few pieces of shop equipment are used as regularly as air compressors. However, when is the last time you performed any type of maintenance on this vital piece of equipment? If your answer isn’t “within the past 24 hours,” take a moment and think about what life would be like without the compressor to power your shop tools. Air Center of Nevada would be happy to examine your compressor.

California & Nevada CompAir Compressors!

The D-Series 2-stage oil-free screw compressor is available in ranges between 75 kW and 160 kW, but irrespective of the range, the size of the package remains the same. Apart from small footprints, CompAir also offers energy efficiency and optimal energy consumption with its regulated speed models. These models provide energy savings of around 25 percent over the fixed speed unit by operating the compressor at optimal power, depending upon the requirements of the customer.

Air Center of Nevada’s complete range of CP portable screw compressors

Reliability, easy maintenance and flexibility are the main characteristics of CP compressors. The range features robust designs, with powerful engines from well-known, well-respected brands under sound and weatherproof hoods. They are easy to move and therefore ideally suited for construction site use. With a straightforward control panel CP compressors are simple and easy to use.

he Chicago Pneumatic CPS 70 – CPS 185 portable compressor range serves you with compressed air between 71 cfm (2.0 m³/min) and 187 cfm (5.3m³/min) at a working pressure of 7 bar (102 psi).


Champion Air Compressor – Tips on Choosing Air Center of Nevada’s Best!

Many industries, agricultural sector, and families use air compressors for various needs and requirements. Although much of the work in industrial, agricultural and domestic fields depend on these, but still many people are unaware how to make a choice to pick the best one for their personal needs and purposes. There are many different types and models of air compressors available in the market today. You just have to be a little knowledgeable to make the correct choice for your own purchase. Champion air compressor has been reliable and authentic for last many decades now.


Determine What Type of Air Center of Nevada Compressor You Need

First of all, selecting an air system can be quite difficult and can be very different depending on the specific application and need of the shop. Always consult a compressed air specialist when determining which equipment is right for you and your application. Listed below is a summary of the steps required to select the appropriate air compressor and system for your specific application. Very few pieces of equipment are used as regularly as shop air compressors.