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850 CFM Compressor: Las Vegas Chicago Pneumatic Distributor

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment’s CPS 850 portable diesel compressor is available in Las Vegas, Nevada. The compressor can work a range of applications with variable flow and pressure control, making it an incredibly versatile solution on the jobsite. The 850 CFM compressor also features easy operation, simplified maintenance, and a maximum amount of uptime.

Consider The Unseen Costs When Buying a Nevada Air Compressor

Planning on buying a rotary screw compressor for your shop? Not so fast. Although the convenience of constant air supply sounds appealing, don’t rule out traditional reciprocating piston compressors as an option. Be sure to consider all the upfront and long-term costs before choosing between the two types. And be sure to give Air Center of Nevada a call with any questions!

Air Compressor Service and Maintenance

Few pieces of shop equipment are used as regularly as air compressors. However, when is the last time you performed any type of maintenance on this vital piece of equipment? If your answer isn’t “within the past 24 hours,” take a moment and think about what life would be like without the compressor to power your shop tools. Air Center of Nevada would be happy to examine your compressor.